Oppo K1 Review


In 2019, we’ll see a new wave of flagship smartphones with even thinner display bezels, better cameras and some, without any ports or buttons. Among all this futuristic tech, we can also expect last year’s flagship features and technology to trickle down to more mainstream phones.

One of the first instances of this new trend can be seen in the Oppo K1. This is the debut offering in a brand-new series from Oppo, which offers an in-display fingerprint sensor at a very affordable price. In fact, the Oppo K1 is currently the least expensive smartphone in the Indian market with an in-display fingerprint sensor, giving it bragging rights in a market where it’s rather difficult to stand out from the competition.

But is that all Oppo has concentrated on, or is the K1 a good all-rounder too? Let’s find out in our Oppo K1 review.

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