WrestleMania 2019: Why Becky Lynch vs Ronda Rousey should main event at The Show of Shows


At the WrestleMania pay-per-view in 2018, Becky Lynch was working the Kick-off show, that too not in single’s competition. She was one of the 30 women to participate in a ‘meaningless’ Women’s Rumble, to win some trophy of literally zero significance. Cut to 2019, and the Irish superstar has won the Women’s Royal Rumble, the significant one, and will challenge for the Women’s title at the Grandest Stage of Them All.

Let’s remove the kayfabe here – Lynch is not the most “destructive” or most “brutal” wrestler. But she is just the best product that has come out of WWE for the past few years. She has not been promoted to the top because of a wheel in motion suggested it is her turn now. Nope. The redhead has fought her way to the top.

After being ignored for years, Lynch just changed her attitude and created the alter ego of “The Man”, which has completely changed the face of WWE. The company tried to fight it off, hoping it was a fad, and the heroes they wanted to promote, (read Charlotte and Roman Reigns) continue to remain in the spotlight. But Lynch was having none of it.

The moment she was given the attention, she took it at all. From social media to promotional events, to the crowds, to the independent shows, Lynch made her presence felt everywhere. The myth of The Man began to take shape. And then the bloody Raw episode just before the Survivor Series turned the myth into a legend. It was not kayfabe, it was not a storyline – it was 100 percent, pure and real.

Now, the two-time SmackDown Women’s Champion has created an environment where the WWE fans are no longer debating among themselves ‘Who is The Undertaker’. They are debating ‘Who is The Man’. The fact that even Chairman of the board Vince McMahon takes time out to wish Lynch on her birthday shows how she has broken doors in the past six months. And as she hilariously pointed out to McMahon, she owns the “brass ring” (referring to Mr. McMahon, who in an interview couple of years ago on Stone Cold Podcast, had said that no wrestler on the roster is dedicated enough to run with the “brass ring” anymore).

Former Hardcore legend Mick Foley has joined ‘The Man’ bandwagon along with the WWE Universe. The moment Lynch won this year’s Women’s Royal Rumble and went on to issue a challenge to Ronda Rousey, Foley called for another piece of history – for the first time ever, let a women’s title match be the main event at WrestleMania.

Considering the popularity the bout is garnering at the moment among the fans, WWE should really consider making it happen. In a Twitter poll conducted this past week, 81 percent voted Lynch vs Rousey as the main event over Seth Rollins vs Brock Lesnar.

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