Xiaomi Mi TV 4X Pro 55-inch quick review: Subtle changes that matter


Essentially, it is a TV aimed at users who already have a small TV but want to upgrade to something with a bigger screen. With the Mi TV 4X Pro 55-inch, Xiaomi wants you to upgrade your TV.

But is it worth upgrading? The full review of the Mi TV 4X Pro 55-inch will have to wait while I use the TV thoroughly, my first impression of the new Mi TV is that it is absolutely worth. Due to its lower price, there are some compromises Xiaomi has made in the Mi TV 4X Pro 55 but at the same time it is also better than the Mi TV 4 Pro, which costs more, in some other aspects.

Improved picture quality
I spent some time with the Mi TV 4X Pro 55-inch and absolutely loved the picture quality that the TV produced. It shows vibrant colours, thanks to the 10-bit panel. Yes, unlike the more-expensive Mi TV 4 Pro 55-inch that comes with 8-bit panel, the Mi TV 4X Pro 55-inch uses a 10-bit panel which is better at showing colours and at making the visuals look better, sharper. The better panel also allows the colours to be evenly distributed throughout the panel.

Fun fact: The 10-bit panel of the Mi TV has the ability to produce a whopping 1,056,964, 608 more colours compared to an 8-bit panel TV. Overall, the 10-bit panel captures the blues, greens, and reds much accurately than an 8-bit panel TV. So, compared to the previous generation Mi TVs Xiaomi gets a lot of credit to have worked on making the panel better. This also means that you’re going to love watching the Marvel and DC films and also experience a great gaming experience while playing PUBG Mobiles on the Mi TV.

I also noticed better backlight in the Mi TV 4X Pro 55-inch screen. This again helps in delivering image quality that shows uniform colours across the panel.

Another good bit about the new Mi TV is how easily and quickly it can be setup. It just takes seconds to install the TV in your living room.

Design is where corners have been cut
Something gotta give, right? If the screen in the Mi TV 4X Pro 55-inch is better than what you get with more-expensive Mi TV 4 Pro, which is where is the catch. Actually, there is no catch. But if you go looking for one, you will find it in design. Mi TV 4X Pro 55-inch is well built and is sturdy but it doesn’t look as stunning as the Mi TV 4 Pro.

The Mi TV 4 Pro 55-inch is as thin as 4.9mm which otherwise means it is as slim as a one rupee coin, but sadly that isn’t the case with the Mi TV 4X Pro 55-inch TV. The new 55-inch Mi TV is pretty thick and the back bulges out quite a bit when compared to the 55-inch Mi V 4A Pro. The back side of the Mi TV 4X Pro 55-inch feels it is built with cheaper plastic – hence the low price. The Mi TV 4 Pro 55-inch looks and feels premium, but sadly that quite isn’t the case with the new Mi TV 4X Pro 55-inch that comes with something called “Crystal Spray Finish” with silver paint on top.

Improved PatchWall
Besides the great panel and picture quality, another highlight of the Mi TV 4X Pro is its software. Just the way most of Xiaomi phones come with MIUI, which is customised Android, the Mi TVs use PatchWall which is also based a custom variation on Android TV software. I am still trying out the PatchWall in the new Mi TV 4X Pro but I already like how easy it is easy to surf content on the TV. The voice search feature is a blessing for people browsing for more and more content on PatchWall. All you need to do is, click on the speaker button on 12-button Mi Remote and say what you want to watch. The process takes just a few seconds.

One of the very interesting features that get added to PatchWall this time is screen off. This feature lets users listen to their favourite songs even if the screen is off. In other words, this feature turns the TV into a smart speaker, for those times when you just want to close your eyes and want to listen to music.

Interestingly, If you don’t want to continue with PatchWall user interface, Mi TV gives you the option to switch to default Android TV.

Overall, although the Mi TV 4X Pro doesn’t come with any major upgrade, the subtle changes that Xiaomi has brought to the TV adds to the overall user experience. What helps it greatly is its price, which is quite fabulous at Rs 39,999. On the hardware side, Xiaomi’s Mi TV 4X Pro comes with a 64-bit Amlogic quad-core chipset with Mali-450 GPU which is further coupled with 2GB of DDR4 RAM and 8GB of storage. It also supports dual-band Wi-Fi (802.11ac) and Bluetooth 4.2, along with 20W stereo speaker with support for Dolby audio and DTS.

We will have more to say about Xiaomi’s new 55-inch Mi TV 4X Pro in our full review. Stay tuned

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